Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Merry Merry Christmas to All!

A Merry Christmas to all from the gang in Stuffed Toy Land!! It has been an eventful year indeed!

Booze the Moose wants the best things in life. ^∇^  

Ellie the elephant and some new friends.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Doll for Sephora (via

Karl Lagerfeld Creates Capsule Makeup Line for Sephora, Available in Singapore and Europe

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Merlion en España

Huang Yen the dishevelled (and often intoxicated) Merlion travelled to Spain for a short holiday. Here he is at the magnificent La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Backtrack to the start of the trip. Huang Yen began his sightseeing in Madrid. 

Here he is at a sculpture of a fallen torero outside Las Ventas (bull-fighting ring), with an angel mourning him.

Hola Madrid!

Puerto del Sol, the heart of Spain.

Some cerveza alemana at one of the Café & Té outlets on the Calle Mayor of Madrid.

Sunrise on a foreign land.

It was one of the hottest Spanish Octobers in decades. But the intense heat suited the tropical merlion just fine.

On the way to Toledo, the capital of Visigoth Spain.

Old city of Toledo

Still pretty jet-lagged.

The Gothic Cathedral of Toledo

Surprising bit of baroque style within the gothic cathedral.

The Roman aquequct in Segovia has stood for nearly 2 millennia.

Some tinto, por favor.

Segovia Cathedral built in the 16th century.

HY popped by Portugal for a couple of nights. Most elderly Portuguese men seems to rock a tweed cap or hat of sorts.

In Lisbon. The Belem Tower at the mouth of the Targus River reminded HY of his stoic big stone cousin guarding the Singapore River at One Fullerton.

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument celebrating the great age of Portuguese naval explorers. Small nation with great ambition.

Taking in the sights at the cloister of the Church of Santa Maria at Hieronymites Monastery with the ornate Manueline limestone architecture.
The whole place has an intricate design with inspirations from the Portuguese golden age of maritime exploration.

Cabo de Roca, Portugal.

Looking across the Atlantic Ocean.

Tinto again in Sevilla. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. 


The 15M cum #Occupy protests in Malaga. Throughout the trip he has heard the Spanish talking about the economical crisis and unemployment issues.

At El Trillo



Alhambra Palace

Some sweet Moorish architecture

Palacio de Generalife

Mijas in Málaga


Shopping in Barcelona!!!
Barça tickets!

People watching along La Rambla

Watching Champions League.

The beautiful Barcelona City.

He spots La Sagrada Familia!

Gaudi was a genius. It's the first time HY felt something grotesque could be so hauntingly beautiful. 
HY reckons he's in the belly of an extinct medieval whale.

Dead tired.

HY reading 'Short History of Spain'.
Huang Yen es muy contenta. He'll like to visit more of Barcelona on his next visit.

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