Sunday, 26 August 2007

Gingy Goes Places

Tired of the G&G alliance in dundee where his sidekick only says YAY!, Gingy decides to go to Amsterdam to find a mafia to join. And of cos, to visit the Red Light District...


Rembrandt paintings in a museum!

Gingerbread houses revisited!

Gingy! The Pirate of the North sea! (Jack Sparrow is his secret idol)

Gingy finally receives a tip off from Goatee (whos smokes pot) abt the location of Mafia boss!

Mafia doesnt do gingerbread men - And thinks it's funny to leave Gingy perched there.

Gingy decides to go home.... Guizai is still his best fren. [to be continued...]

...Beyond Asia to Europe

Determined to eat Dim Sum, Gingy and Guizai (fresh exports from HK) tried to connect to their chinese roots. Alas. The har gow looks totally unfresh.

From The adventure...

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Joyous Gathering

Gingy & Gui Zai went over to Michi's Hse of Evil for some initiation before they venture into the wild wild world (before they left for Dundee). Cheese was there as well for an extreme makeover session (skin renewing spa therapy to wash off her London filth >_<).

Wuji teaching them the ways of the world

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