Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Toys' Trip to Bintan - Part 3

Lazy Fox (and offspring) and Crosses were ambushed at the lobby of the resort by a cheery dough-faced being with a hongkie bow tie. "Come! Come to my room! I insist!"

and thus the 4 creatures all went to Gingy's room

Lazy Fox had no complaints..

...though Crosses seemed tired out by the end of the day

Lazy and him did a little tanning in the morning, but it started raining shortly after. Hence the gang went over the casino for a game of black jack.

Some gamblers just didn't look honest, while others looked a little too gullible.

All in all, it was a good haul for Lazy, and he spent his winnings on a therapeutic spa massage

Next morning...

Yippeee! *metro gingy*

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Toys' Trip to Bintan - Part 2


Meanwhile.. earlier in the day Maomi the Cat met the ever positive Gingy (back from Dundee)on the ferry to Bintan.

Gingy meets Sadako

Gingy watches the sea, deep in thought, what lies beyond the shores? Will the Gingerbread man find his beautiful Princess Kueh Lapis?

And indeed, the duo enjoyed a light brunch of kueh lapis upon reaching their resort.

"Things didn't have to end this way" cries Gingy. But hungry he was.

(and the adventure continues...)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Toys' Trip to Bintan - Part 1

On a lazy Saturday morning, single dad Lazy Fox (from IKEA) was lounging on a chair with a drink by the side when he decided to go on a short trip with his dear son.

He was forced fed soy bean milk by a strange lady at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal before the trip to Bintan, which probably explained why he was a bit seasick on the ferry.

And he met a fellow traveller Crosses, a cross between a rabbit and a frog, on the ferry.

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

(to be continued..)

Monkey & Hindegard

Monkey makes a rare appearance on Stuffed Toy Land. Monkey is at his new place, with Hindegard watching TV behind him
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