Friday, 9 October 2009

Old Friend We Never Got to Know - Hungover Merlion

Meet 谎言 huang yen(literal translation 'A Lie'), a cute little Merlion soft toy that has has recently resurfaced in our household.

Huang yen looks a little dishevelled and hungover in this picture, after a night of partying and puking.

The Singapore Merlion was actually a marketing tool conceived by Mr Fraser Brunner for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board several decades ago to.. sell some souvenirs (I guess Singapore really lacks  identifiable natural geographical icons). It has a lion's head and mermaid/fish's body and the most famous Merlion at the Merlion Park near One Fullerton, much loved by Japanese tourists,  pukes  sprouts water from its mouth.

Examples of Merlion Marketing - Merlion Lychee flavoured cookies..

Examples of Merlion Marketing - Merlion Toilet Paper Dispenser (picture source unknown)

1 comment:

Junie said...

hi, where can i find this merlion soft toy?

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