Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tintin Shop in Singapore!!!

Crowded Tintin Shop in bustling Chinatown

Tintin, Captain Haddock and SNOWY has landed in Singapore! Our camera phone simply doesn't do this shop any justice.We are absolutely in love with the shop and its extensive collection of Tintin merchandise. Michi grew up reading Tintin books and yes we do have a Snowy in our family of toys as well... just that we love it too much to let it come out of the plastic wrapping.

Much love for Snowy

Snowy in all sizes

Collectors' Snowy plush! Poor Snowy!

Snowy biting off a lion's tail, a scene from Tintin in Congo. (Wundertime)

The Tintin Shop
56 Pagoda Street
Tel: 6472 4291

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1 comment:

xomaeira said...

Nooo... Garfield and Tigger look like school bullies closing on Snowy!

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