Saturday, 1 November 2008

Plush Fashion Part 3

We can't get enough of stuffed toy fashion

Japanese Vogue - August 2008

Italian Vogue - August 2008

Sweet blue teddies slumped on the bed in the background

Tally Weijl Campaign by Ellen von Unwerth
:D Strictly speaking, the pink bunny is NOT a stuffed toy...

Friday, 31 October 2008

Plush Fashion Part 2

Stuffed toys in fashion shoots

As the toys have noted back in March, the fashion industry has turned to children bedrooms for shoot inspirations, often with a quirky or demented twist to the theme of the shoot.. We've gathered some more evidence of this trend.

Numéro 97 October 2008 - 'Mommie Deariest'
Cool French magazine that never disappoints.


Mildly disturbing mask in the midst of the toys

*stuff toys screams in horror* Happy Halloween btw.

Diane Kruger in Russian Tatler
We take a breather with a much more wholesome shoot


Stalker Teddy

and finally... Little kids pls close your eyes

Supermodel Lily Cole's shoot for PlayBoy France Oct 2008

The Stuffed Toy Rights advocates will be looking into this apparent outrage of modesty of the nice, seemingly innocent-looking pink teddy bear. Yummy.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Booze the Moose's Nightmare

Now, the citizens of stuffed toy land are usually apathetic with regards to politics, even more so with foreign politics. But the recent hooha with the financial meltdown and US presidential elections have prompted the toys to read up a bit more on world issues. To Booze the Moose's horror, the Republicans actually made 'moose-hunting' sound like a cool hobby for the VP candidate. Hunting, as a sport, is SO wrong!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Singapore Grand Prix 2008

ToyVoyager Dio was at the inaugural Formula One Night Race held in downtown Singapore.

Olympics 2008

From Blog

Booze and Lazy Fox watching a basketball match during the Olympics

A little late in updating this blog.. but the stuffed toys have been very inspired by the Beijing Olympics 2008, particularly in bizarre sports such as the equestrian and the modern pentathlon. They were eager to hone their riding skills to compete in the local equestrian competitions.

From Blog

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Summer Time

The relentless heat is becoming unbearable, particularly for the clothed stuffed toys; most of them hide out in air-conditioned rooms these days, and were mostly engaged in non-strenuous recreational activities.

Keyao Pig takes a well-deserved bath after weeks of complaining that he smelt of stale hair.

Meanwhile, Michi has become a host for ToyVoyagers Dio & Benni. Dio is from Netherlands and Benni is a German bear who just came over from New Zealand. Highlights of their time here.

The net savvy toys have noticed a cute sheep named Shaun who's sharing his lifestyle pictures on flickr. :)

Monday, 2 June 2008

Gui Zai traces his roots

Nothing like a good scottish breakfast before meeting some monster of a relative.

Tada! His antiquated relative, reptilian (?) Loch Ness Monster shimmering in the... pond.

Bring one home.

Or maybe more than one. More Nessies!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Plush Fashion

The fashion forward stuffed toys in the community have noticed a disturbing trend of decapitated/asphyxiated/butchered stuffed animals featured in fashion shoots..

The horror!!

Some less disturbing photos

from fotodecadent

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Toys' Trip to Bintan - Part 3

Lazy Fox (and offspring) and Crosses were ambushed at the lobby of the resort by a cheery dough-faced being with a hongkie bow tie. "Come! Come to my room! I insist!"

and thus the 4 creatures all went to Gingy's room

Lazy Fox had no complaints..

...though Crosses seemed tired out by the end of the day

Lazy and him did a little tanning in the morning, but it started raining shortly after. Hence the gang went over the casino for a game of black jack.

Some gamblers just didn't look honest, while others looked a little too gullible.

All in all, it was a good haul for Lazy, and he spent his winnings on a therapeutic spa massage

Next morning...

Yippeee! *metro gingy*

Click for larger pix

Toys' Trip to Bintan - Part 2


Meanwhile.. earlier in the day Maomi the Cat met the ever positive Gingy (back from Dundee)on the ferry to Bintan.

Gingy meets Sadako

Gingy watches the sea, deep in thought, what lies beyond the shores? Will the Gingerbread man find his beautiful Princess Kueh Lapis?

And indeed, the duo enjoyed a light brunch of kueh lapis upon reaching their resort.

"Things didn't have to end this way" cries Gingy. But hungry he was.

(and the adventure continues...)
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