Sunday, 21 August 2011

Misery Bear & Kate Moss

Misery Bear is a grumpy, self-destructive. alcoholic animated stuffed toy character with the worst luck in the world. Its short films can seen on BBC Comedy. According to its website, Misery Bear is the 'saddest, loneliest, most suicidal teddy bear in the whole world'. His first book, Misery Bear’s Guide to Love & Heartbreak, will be out in October. What is it with the British and these maniacal depressive characters?

Wallowing in misery.
Always placing his affection on the wrong type

Numbing himself with acts of debauchery

In futile pursuit of happiness

Here's a look at one of the short films, starring Kate Moss.

More MiseryBear episodes can be found here.


Beertje Zonn said...

Wow he is lovely!

Beertje Zonn

seentvcanada said...
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Adams Young said...

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