Sunday, 23 January 2011

Android Plush Dreams of Electric Sheep Plush

Geeky Plush Toys
M is still debating whether she should abandon the Android phone for iPhone 4. Specs and user-interface aside.. Android has a definite edge over Apple in the eyes of our stuffed toy family members.. its mascot. We love the geeky little droid with its cutesy actions and Pacman-like mouth-work in ads promos. A true contrast with Marvin the paranoid android..  

Not to mention it has something Apple fans can't have.. its cute felt plush from Thinkgeek (pictures from Thinkgeek)

Munching on obsolete phone models
Apple fans have this Steve Job plush as consolation. We hope all is well with Job.

Cranky Droid eats iPhones to survive.Perhaps its not so different from Marvin after all.

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