Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Muse - Uprising of the Teddy Bears

How can we not love the cover art of Muse's single 'Uprising'? Art work by Dan Abbott/Storm Thorgerson.

Single Cover Art

Vinyl Cover Art

Source: Muse Website & Muse Wiki
Buy the album here!

Watch their performance at MTV VMA Awards. Spot the teddies!

You can also purchase an official Uprising Teddy at their online store

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sheep With a Pearl Earring

Who's the fairest of them all? Of all these art parodies and Scarlett Johansson's interpretation of Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, we believe Shaun Sheep is the cutest. :)

Sources: Shaun Sheep & udronotto (Lego) on Flickr

Impaled Stuffed Animals in Maryland

Impaled stuffed animal toys left on a roadside in Maryland. Wonder what's the story behind this?


Teddy Boy tries to uncover the psychological causes behind Lazy Fox's alcoholism by delving into his subconsciousness.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Books for Kids & Stuffed Toy Lovers

The stuffed toy family has heard of the Prince Bear and Pauper Bear by Emily Lim a few years back, but it was only recently when we finally flipped through the book in a local book store. Neal Sharp's amazing illustrations will definitely touch the child in all of us who used to (or still does) wonder how our toys will behave if they were sentient. :) Read about the author's story here.

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear
Available at Kinokuniya

Pauper Bear, a teddy bear without a mouth, longs to be loved. Prince Bear is a proud bear who loves himself. When their paths take different turns, the two bears discover that things do not happen as they expect. In the process, the two teddy bears come to experience love and friendship with new perspectives.

The Tale of Rusty Horse

Rusty Horse, an old forgotten rocking horse, longs to be a favourite with everyone. When his wish is met by an old fairy, it sets him on a journey where he discovers that it is within his own power to obtain what truly matters to him.

Just Teddy

Just Teddy, a lonely teddy bear, tries hard to fit in with polar bears, pandas & penguins in a toy factory with funny-sad results. His quest leads him to a surprising discovery about himself.

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff

Bunny, a floppy rabbit with flat feet, thinks he is missing out when he notices that the other toys are better stuffed than he is. He searches for the right stuffing to fill himself up and makes a mess along the way. Grizzly, Dinosaur and Kangaroo wonder if they can help their friend find the stuff he is looking for.

Booze's Fashion Statement

Booze the Moose got this nice acrylic necklace from TopShop some time ago. It reminded him of his absent father (male moose are polygamous) and the majestic antlers he had.

He hopes one day his very own antlers will grow to be as awe-inspiring as his dad's and cease being used by stuffed toys in the family to hang (and dry) their clothes.

He's also an active moose rights campaigner, and suggests animal bust collectors to consider alternative wall decorations instead.


Emo Fox

A rare glimpse of a sober, morose Lazy Fox, thinking of his ex-wife (mother of his son attached to him).
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