Monday, 31 January 2011

A Day in the Life of a Duck

WTD resting his tired legs after a morning of shopping at Orchard ION

US-born WTD has slowly come to terms with the Singaporean Chinese's love for roasted duck. He's learnt to channel his attention away at Chinese restaurants whenever he sees such acts of atrocities.


Catching a movie in town and enjoying it. Though he is quite unhappy with the lack of elevation of the cinema seating. Not very duck-friendly.

Yes. He went to watch The Green Hornet, of all movies.

He's spending his first Chinese Lunar New year in Singapore. Pretty psyched to learn about the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Why weren't ducks included?

This will be the year of the Metal Rabbit.
Helping with the decorations
WTD meets some auspicious rabbits
Cai shen ye is watching...
Hiding behind a pot of plant. Stalking the God of Prosperity (财神爷)


Perhaps 2 of these can propel him to the skies.
Alright, all this rabbit decoration is really getting way overboard.

New BFFs (best fauna friends)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Android Plush Dreams of Electric Sheep Plush

Geeky Plush Toys
M is still debating whether she should abandon the Android phone for iPhone 4. Specs and user-interface aside.. Android has a definite edge over Apple in the eyes of our stuffed toy family members.. its mascot. We love the geeky little droid with its cutesy actions and Pacman-like mouth-work in ads promos. A true contrast with Marvin the paranoid android..  

Not to mention it has something Apple fans can't have.. its cute felt plush from Thinkgeek (pictures from Thinkgeek)

Munching on obsolete phone models
Apple fans have this Steve Job plush as consolation. We hope all is well with Job.

Cranky Droid eats iPhones to survive.Perhaps its not so different from Marvin after all.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tintin Shop in Singapore!!!

Crowded Tintin Shop in bustling Chinatown

Tintin, Captain Haddock and SNOWY has landed in Singapore! Our camera phone simply doesn't do this shop any justice.We are absolutely in love with the shop and its extensive collection of Tintin merchandise. Michi grew up reading Tintin books and yes we do have a Snowy in our family of toys as well... just that we love it too much to let it come out of the plastic wrapping.

Much love for Snowy

Snowy in all sizes

Collectors' Snowy plush! Poor Snowy!

Snowy biting off a lion's tail, a scene from Tintin in Congo. (Wundertime)

The Tintin Shop
56 Pagoda Street
Tel: 6472 4291

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