Friday, 31 October 2008

Plush Fashion Part 2

Stuffed toys in fashion shoots

As the toys have noted back in March, the fashion industry has turned to children bedrooms for shoot inspirations, often with a quirky or demented twist to the theme of the shoot.. We've gathered some more evidence of this trend.

Numéro 97 October 2008 - 'Mommie Deariest'
Cool French magazine that never disappoints.


Mildly disturbing mask in the midst of the toys

*stuff toys screams in horror* Happy Halloween btw.

Diane Kruger in Russian Tatler
We take a breather with a much more wholesome shoot


Stalker Teddy

and finally... Little kids pls close your eyes

Supermodel Lily Cole's shoot for PlayBoy France Oct 2008

The Stuffed Toy Rights advocates will be looking into this apparent outrage of modesty of the nice, seemingly innocent-looking pink teddy bear. Yummy.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Booze the Moose's Nightmare

Now, the citizens of stuffed toy land are usually apathetic with regards to politics, even more so with foreign politics. But the recent hooha with the financial meltdown and US presidential elections have prompted the toys to read up a bit more on world issues. To Booze the Moose's horror, the Republicans actually made 'moose-hunting' sound like a cool hobby for the VP candidate. Hunting, as a sport, is SO wrong!
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