Monday, 9 August 2010

Trip to Batam

Rise and shine! Waking up early on a lazy Sunday to lim kopi (drink coffee)

3 day-old Mr Bean/黄豆/Hock Kee decided to tag along with his owner for a 1/2 day trip to Tempat Senang Spa on  Batam Island, Indonesia. A quick note about Mr Bean - He's a cute little brand mascot for the ubiquitous Singaporean soy bean milk chain, mr bean.

Grabbing a quick meal before boarding the ferry. He can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for his cousins, the coffee beans
Then again, he has to admit they do taste darn good.

Bean pops by the VivoCity Build-a-bear workshop before going to the HarbourFront Cruise Centre.

Bean is all tucked and ready to go through customs!

A little packet of 橙皮干(dried orange peel) to prevent sea-sickness on the ferry.

Enthusiastic fellow passenger.

It's his first trip abroad!

He could barely make out Singapore's skyline in the rain. But he was amazed by the posh waterfront houses and yacht berths at Sentosa Cove.

His famished owner was too self-conscious to take his pictures during her long wait at the Batam customs, where she felt compelled to act like a regular tourist. Anyway, they finally reached Tempat Senang, a quaint little spa villa in the midst of a golf course.

And off for hours of pampering.

Bean, looking all refreshed after some good ole Indonesian massage, a *gasp* coffee bean body scrub and a facial. Notice how white he looked!

Lounging around after dinner at the lobby. It was a nice little getaway for the young little bean, he hoped he'll get to travel with his owner again with her loud, obnoxious friends.

Meeting his Indonesian brothers just before boarding the return ferry back to Singapore.

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