Sunday, 25 October 2009

What The Duck

We've recently fallen in love with the web comic strip 'What The Duck' (WTD) and decided to bring in a new member to our family.

Patiently waiting for him to arrive in Singapore now...

The WTD comic strip basically revolves around the lives of several duck characters who are professional photographers, often making wry comments and observations that many pro and amateur photographers can relate to. Fans of the free web strip are able to support the author by purchasing various merchandise such as the cafepress T-shirts and the WTD plush toy of the main character, seen above.

Author Aaron Johnson also encourages fan-submitted artworks and photos of the main WTD character.

WTD at Singapore Grand Prix!!!

At the golf course. Love the little camera over his plush neck.

This is just the type of humour we love. Haha.

Visit the WTD Website if you haven't!

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