Friday, 30 June 2006

Having Some'Body'

Qoo Pillow Spots Keyao Drrr Idling AwayPossession!!!!

The Qoo Pillows have an inferiority complex due to their lack of bodies (with sizeable brains to boot). As documented here, Qoo have a penchant for Keyao Pig's lard body, and caught Keyao unaware again just now.


Snowmi watches his rugged friend

Snowmi the polar bear (Schnomi during WC; see last post) ponders on life and tribulations as he passes by his friend, who happens to be a skinned rug version of himself when he grows up.


Love Triangle

Escalating drama as Lionel and new Stuffed Toy Goleo (the WC mascot) vie for the affections of Muffin (seen in the middle).

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