Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello Timothy!

It's been over a year since Timothy Softpaws joined the happy family in Pasir Ris! For all who doesn't know him, he's certainly been busy at home (well given his size, it's difficult to travel incognito...)

A typical day starts with his morning coffee. Don't talk to him before he's had his first coffee.

He starts cooking breakfast.. and checks for signs of food poisoning.

Seen as a wise plush in the community, he holds regular Meet-The-Plushies sessions.
In this particular session, the Whats had a run in with Crosses. And Garfield shows off his new plushie.

As night time falls, he reads to bedtime stories to other plushies...

And enjoys a cold beer while pondering over the day...

Before he knows it, Xmas is here! Posing proudly with his tree...

And welcome Dragon Year! "Is the decoration straight?" he asks.

Happy CNY, folks!

1 comment:

michi said...

Timothy is so dandy! I love him! Shall give him a sweaty hug next time I meet him. :D

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