Sunday, 20 March 2011

What the Duck in Siem Reap - Part Three

 After the trip to the lake, WTD was hoping to get a taste of Amok fish and other local fares. He decided to have his dinner at Viroth Restaurant.

Nice ambience and friendly staff.

Food was great and cheap, but he wished there was sufficient lighting to know what he was eating!

Back at the hotel. For once, WTD felt perhaps his limbs were indeed too short.

He would have stayed in the tent overnight if not for the vicious mosquitoes.
Next morning. WTD woke up early to watch the sunrise over the main Angkor Wat complex (facing west), but it was too cloudy for picture taking..

He was really glad that this structure survived intact over years of colonial rule, war and Khmer Rouge reign in this stricken nation.

First good glimpse of the iconic Angkor Wat central structure.

Exchanging a few pointers with fellow photographers taking pictures of the reflected image of the complex on the lotus pond.

Big wat, small what.

Obligatory tourist shot
Taking in the sights


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