Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What the Duck in Siem Reap - Part Four

Heading off to the last capital city of the Khmer empire.

In awe of the guardians of Angkor Thom.

WTD can't wait to snap some pictures with his non digital SLR. Lo-fi photography is all the rage, yo.

Checking out the bas reliefs depicting ancient Khmer lifestyles, beliefs and political exchange with other contemporary civilisations.

Deciphering the hidden message.

WTD is truly grateful that these stone structures survived all these years, and that the government allows tourists to access most of the areas.

The great temple of Bayon with its famed 4-faced Buddhas.

At Ta Prohm, where trees have managed to grow from within and over the ruins over time. The tree roots are engulfing the temple like some giant octopus' tentacles .
Back to the main temple. Reliefs of the Hindu-Buddhist devata goddesses of Angkor.

Remembering a scene from Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood  for Love

At the upper gallery of Angkor Wat's main temple. Pity the top level is closed.

Ending off the tour of the Angkor Wat complex at Phnom Bakheng Temple. 

Waiting for the sunset.

Back to the hotel..

And now for some drinks..


Randomly walking around the Old Market

WTD was about to get a heatstroke. He retreated to a cafe for some drinks.

Cooling down at The Blue Pumpkin

Back at the hotel again after a relaxing spa treatment!

He would consider outdoor bathing, but he didn't feel too comfortable with the fact that some residential units overlook the back-garden. (he forgot he was nude anyway)

Away from the mozzies!

Leaving this resilient country. Home sweet home!

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