Friday, 9 November 2012

A Merlion's Jaunt in Beijing - Part 1

Huang Yen arrived in Beijing for a visit much to the delight of old pals Monkey and Hindergaard. Yet-to-be-named Gingerbread Man joined in the welcoming entourage as Hindergaard pointed out key landmarks of Chaoyang District.
HY giving hugs and kisses all round to his old buddies.
Armed with his trusty Beijing guidebook, HY decided to check out the famous Sanlitun shopping district where the sartorial splendour of BJ is on display.

Happily window-shopping at Alexander Wang and Maison Martin Margiela at Sanlitun Village and admiring the well-clad Beijing Tai-Tais.
Loving the sculptures outside various malls in Beijing.
Chilling at the quaint little Nali Garden
After roaming around Sanlitun, HY wandered to the famed Wangfujing (王府井) pedestrian street, where the frail merlion was flanked by bus-loads of tourists. He was close to trying out the starfish and scorpion skewers but then decided against it as he felt a certain kinship with starfishes.
HY strode past the 'Hotplate Crispy Sparrows' and other street delicacies vendors hastily. There's a saying that the adventurous Chinese eats practically everything that flies, except aeroplanes; everything with four legs, except tables; and everything that swims, except submarines... "In due time.", Huang Yen thought.
Ending off the day at the Middle 8th Yunnan Restaurant with some rice wine served in bamboo shoot.
And off for some much-needed pampering after a day of swimming. Zzz.
Tail massage and scale-polishing.
Baby it's cold outside.
The next day, Huang Yen was woken up by an over-enthusiastic Monkey to go on a field trip to visit a stretch of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu 慕田峪.
Huang Yen heard from Monkey it's not often to have such clear skies in Beijing. 
HY's mistress's limbs were too wobbly during the cable chairlift ride up to the Great Wall to take any decent pictures of Huang Yen.
Earnest-looking Monkey striking a pose against the Mutianyu Great Wall.
Meandering passageway on the wall on a relatively quiet stretch.
Trees were just starting to turn red.
Catching his breath climbing up the stairs
The majority of Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty, upon some of the older parts of the wall built during the Southern Northern Dynasty (circa 6th century AD).
Huang Yen soaking in the picturesque view while his mistress was soaking in sweat. 
Inscriptions at the top of the mountain - "Loyal to Chairman Mao", probably plastered during the Cultural Revolution.
The general consensus of the extended family of Stuffed Toy Land is that Monkey is one of the most photogenic dudes in the family, despite his vacuous expression and dorky demeanour.
BFFs!!! (Meanwhile, some fellow tourists were laughing by the side as they took this photo)
Generations of men spent their lives defending this piece of land for the past six centuries.. HY wondered how much of this will remain intact in 600 years...
After taking the hilarious luge ride to the foot of the mountain, the driver took HY and Monkey to a quiet little noodle restaurant called Xiaolumian. Some of the stones making up the pavement in the neighbourhood is said to be taken from the great wall over the years.
First glance of Autumn Leaves 
Monkey and Huang Yen helped themselves to the serving of handmade noodles.
Urged on by Huang Yen, photogenic Monkey posed for some lifestyle shots at the restaurant.

Hopefully the restaurant staff weren't too disturbed by their photo-taking session.

The two buddies passed by the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium and hopped down for a picture.

The buddies ended the exhausting day at Wudaoying Hutong (五道营胡同) with some dessert (小彻甜品店双皮奶) .
- to be continued


Yun Peng said...

Where is Part 2?? Can't wait!

Jones Morris said...

I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You.Eddy the Teddy bear

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