Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Merlion's Jaunt in Beijing - Part 2

It's Sunday, Huang Yen decided to visit the National Centre for the Performing Arts (北京巨蛋) to check out the local performing arts scene
Passing by the Tiananmen Square, with a quick glance at Chairman Mao's portrait  The massive crowd is making him dizzy.
Can't get enough of the Mala Hotpot (麻辣香锅) at Wangfujing! Mala's literal translation means 'numbingly spicy'. Just be prepared for some bowel cleansing after the meal.

A dishevelled HY takes a break in a cafe along Nan Luo Gu Xiang (南锣鼓巷)
His mistress grabbed him before he could proceed to the bar. It was a bit too early for that.

Stalking elderly Beijing men to take pictures
The quiet hutongs are generally more interesting than the tourist-infested ones.
Yandaixiejie (烟袋斜街), another old commercial street next to the Houhai.
The street used to be lined with shops selling tobacco pouches, snuff bottles, antiques and artwork. It's been since converted to a tourist street with souvenir shops and thematic cafes.
Walking along Houhai lake
Peking Duck
At night, Monkey introduced Huang Yen to his Chinese relatives. Huang Yen privately noted that Monkey appeared to be the most well-nourished in the clan, and that he stood out with his dyed fur and flashy leopard leotard. He didn't dare to comment as a pair of psychotic eyes (monkey on top left) was peering at him.
Hindergaard also found his kin in China
And the night went on with much boozing and partying.
Huang Yen made his way to Tiantan (天坛), where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasty used to worship the Heavens.
Getting eaten by mystical creatures at the Circular Mound
The Imperial Vault of Heaven within the Echo Wall
The Hall of Prayers (祈年殿)
Chilling outside the halls
Pretty door knobs
Passing by the Fasting Palace
After a tiring walk from the Temple of Heaven to the Qianmendajie, Huang Yen's mistress was too busy seeking out Starbucks to replenish her caffeine levels to take pictures for him (and also too exhausted). Like the Nanluoguxiang, the hutongs by the side of the main commercial street (with Zara and H&M etc) were more interesting.
A view of the front gates of the old capital city
杀猪菜 (Slaughtered pig vegetables)? Huang Yen really didn't want to know what this was, it sounded too exotic.
Huang Yen ended the day at Sanlitun 1949 enclave, at the Noodle Bar.
Nom nom nom.
Sculptures within the artsy 1949
- to be continued


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